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All Green teams up with Telstra to plant a new community garden of native Australian plants

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All Green teams up with Telstra to plant a new community garden of native Australian plants
All Green
All Green
August 23, 2021
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How we planted native trees and also collected hundreds of kilograms of rubbish

At All Green, we don't just sell plants and landscaping supplies for homes and businesses. We also love giving back to the community, and participating in the greening of Australia however we can.

Public gardens and green strips are one of our favourite ways to participate in local greenification. We jump at the opportunity to beautify our neighbourhoods, plant new trees, and increase the diversity of local foliage.

Recently, All Green took part in a Telstra sponsored event that involved planting a new community garden in Wyndham City. It was a great opportunity to improve bio-diversity, remove rubbish, and team up with the local community by working together.

Why we chose to work with native plants

All Green native plants

Australia is home to some of the most wonderful, useful, flowering plants in the world. So, when Telstra approached us to work together on a community garden, the decision to plant native trees was a no-brainer.

Unlike foreign species of trees which have only arrived in Australia in recent centuries, native trees have been growing in Australia for thousands of years. Native trees tend to be far easier to care for than imported varieties, with a specialised tolerance to our unique climate. Native trees also provide essential sources of food for our native animals. And that's not to mention the innate beauty of Australia's native flora.

A local project, by locals and for locals

Community garden

And as a family owned and run wholesale and retail nursery, we know the importance of being local. In fact, our plants are grown in Wyndham, close to the community garden by employees that are local to our community.

The Wyndam City project was a great opportunity to make the local area more beautiful. It's not just good for the environment; having lush green native plants in the public eye is great for morale, aesthetic pleasure, and fostering a spirit of pride in the community.

Making a positive impact on the community

There were two prongs to the project: cleaning up the area by removing rubbish, and planting trees to restore native flora in the region.

After a tremendous effort, it's estimated that the team collecting rubbish was able to pick up a total of 375kg in discarded waste, including 45 glass bottles, 250 plastic drink bottles and 65 cans.

As a part of this project, All Green was thrilled to donate locally grown native plants to the garden. This will keep the environment clean, and promote biodiversity for years to come.

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