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Syzygium Backyard Bliss - 400mm


Description: Average Size:
Height: 3m - 4m
Width: 1m

This brand new Syzgium paniculata Select form is an exciting addition to the garden or landscape. It's a superb dense, fast growing Australian plant, that grows to approximately 3-4 metres, depending on soil conditions, and is easily maintained with little pruning to keep its balanced form and shape. Ideal as a container secimen for topiary , but this plant really excels as a hedge or dense screen around the pool, or courtyard areas. A perfect way to achieve the desired privacy in your own backyard, with low maintenance.

Backyard bliss will provide an evergreen hedge throughout the year of glossy green foliage, and also provides flushes of glossy bronze foliage in its newer growth. A bg advantage of this Lilly Pilly is that it is PSYLLID RESISTANT, so the foliage remains clean and healthy.

Backyard Bliss grows best in full sun but also performs well in part shade conditions. It grows well in most situations, well drained soil is preferable, and has proven to be frost tolerant once it is established. Prune to your desired height, and enjoy the superb results you can achieve with this exciting plant.

Full sun
Part shade
Australian native

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