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You'll erupt when you see just how versatile scoria rock and fine scoria can be in your garden

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Naturalise yourself at All Green

Scoria product display

At All Green Nursery & Garden, you can see how the land lies. Scoria may just be your common, garden variety volcanic rock. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get to visualise what you are about to purchase. Our product displays offer a tactile purchasing experience for all landscaping materials.

If you're in the market for drainage scoria, scoria rock, scoria gravel, or fine scoria, visit one of our locations. You'll be able to make a physical connection with what will eventually be in your garden. Our scoria displays allow you to make the right choice before you purchase.

Display gardens

Looking for the ultimate garden styling inspiration? Look no further than All Green at Hoppers Crossing. Scoria is an incredibly versatile product — it can be used to decorate garden beds, provide drainage around the garden, and support the solid growth of nursery plants.

You can see all this, and more, in action at All Green. Our display gardens have been crafted with the delicate touch of professional landscapers to give you an idea of what you can do with scoria rock, scoria gravel, and fine scoria. Visit us in-store, and see the possibilities for yourself.

Display gardens

Scoria delivery

Like other kinds of rocks, pebbles, and landscaping materials, scoria can be hard to handle. Whether it's fine scoria, 7mm scoria, or larger 20mm scoria, bags and truckloads of scoria are difficult to move around, even if it's just from your car to your yard.

Have no fear, because All Green is here to lend a helping hand. We delivery any amount of landscaping products to homes and job sites all over Melbourne. Just place your order with us in-store or over the phone, and you'll have your products in just a few days.

Delivery truck for scoria

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Frequently asked questions

What is scoria?

Scoria is a dark-coloured volcanic rock that comes in a range of sizes. It is produced by volcanic activity, and is formed when lava cools quickly. It can be formed within the volcanic pipe of a volcano, or can be ejected out into the surrounding area following an eruption.

Scoria has a high surface area and is strong comparative to its weight, giving it an incredible range of handy uses in the home and garden. Unlike pumice, scoria is more dense, and typically sinks in water. This means it is great for drainage, being porous and lightweight. For these reasons, it is one of our most popular landscaping materials.

Want to learn more about scoria? A world of garden knowledge awaits you at All Green. Our landscaping experts can give you deep insights into the properties and applications of scoria around your home and garden.

What does scoria do?

Scoria has a huge range of uses in the home and job site. Some popular uses include:

  • Creating landscaping pathways around the lawn, garden, and BBQ areas
  • Providing drainage for potted plants, garden trees, and beneath pipes
  • Decorating garden beds to create a strong black contrast
  • Giving hydroponic plants a solid substrate upon which to grow
  • Heating saunas and creating heat sinks in BBQ pits and grills
  • Insulating components from high temperatures
  • Limiting mud issues for trucks in wet areas

Discover all the possibilities of scoria at All Green. You can get qualified expertise from our landscaping team, or see scoria in all it's glory in our display gardens.

How much does scoria cost?

Although scoria is popular, widely available and extremely versatile, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other bulk landscaping products.

All Green has a range of scoria products available for you. Our prices are listed below:

  • 7mm drainage scoria: $88.50 per cubic metre
  • 20mm drainage scoria: $76.00 per cubic metre
  • Scoria fines: $50.00 per cubic metre

If you're unsure about what kind of garden scoria you need for your next project, visit us at All Green. Our landscaping experts will be happy to advise you on exactly what kind of rock you need. They can also recommend how best to implement the products you purchase.

How much scoria do I need in my garden?

That will all depend on what you need the scoria for. If you are planting a few plants in your backyard, you can probably get away with a few bags of the volcanic rock. If you are creating proper drainage or garden beds, you'll want a few cubic metres, or more, depending on the size of your garden.

No matter how much or how little scoria you need, All Green is here to help. We can deliver any amount of scoria to your home or job site. Simply place an order with our friendly customer service team, and you'll have new volcanic rock to your home or job site as soon as possible.

Gardening advice — planting the seeds of knowledge

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