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Bare Root Trees

Plan your winter planting with bare rooted trees and shrubs

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Bare root plants

Bare root plants and trees are dormant plants that are ready to begin growing when you plant them. Bare root plants come without extra packaging or soil, making them economical and labour-saving.

Plan your winter planting now to have bare root fruit tree, ornamental trees, roses or shade trees thriving in the spring and summer. At All Green Nursery & Garden, you can find a range of bare root plants to grow in Victoria and view established plants so you know how the plant will look when it starts to grow. Visit in-store for gardening advice and to see the growing plant display.

Bare root trees and plants

On-site horticulturalists

Nothing beats learning from those with extensive experience and training in growing all types of plants. Our horticulturalists are available to answer any gardening questions you have, so you can plant bare root plants and trees confidently, even if you haven't done it before.

If you have any questions about planting or pruning bare root trees and shrubs, they can tell you everything you need to know. Whether it's transporting your new plants, preparing the soil and pruning, our horticulturalists can give step-by-step advice for your winter gardening.

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Bare root delivery

Don't want to mess up your car with bare root plants and potting mix? We've got you covered with delivery to Melbourne metro areas.

When you request delivery, you'll have your new plants within a few business days so you can get started with planting and pruning. Whether it's a big order or just a few small items, we will deliver right to your door.

Our delivery service covers bare root trees and shrubs along with any gardening and landscaping supplies that you may need. There's no minimum order when you order times from our nursery or garden supplies range.

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Frequently asked questions

What are bare rooted plants?

Bare rooted plants are dormant plants sold without pots and potting mix. The 'bare rooted' plants are economical and easy to transport. You can only buy these plants in the winter months of June, July, and August.

Deciduous trees and shrubs with a dormant period during winter can become bare root plants. Examples include roses, fruit trees, or ornamental shrubs.

What are the advantages of bare root trees and shrubs?

There are several advantages to purchasing bare root plants. First, you can buy plants that are available in containers all year round for a lower cost.

When you're planning your garden, ask which plants are available as bare root in winter to save on costs and labour.

Second, bare root plants are generally well-established. With root systems already in place, the plants are ready to grow to their full potential in spring.

How do you plant bare root trees?

Ideally, plant bare root trees right away when you get home with them. It's important not to allow the roots to dry out.

  1. Start by digging a wide, shallow hole with depth so the bud union (the bulge in the stem above the root ball). You might mix potting mix or fertiliser with the soil at the base of the hole to give the plant plenty of nutrition.
  2. Bare root plants are often packed in sawdust to keep the roots moist during transportation and storage. The sawdust doesn't go into the hole as it has no nutritional value.
  3. Remove the plant and place it into the hole, packing the soil firmly around the base. Then it's time to water generously.
  4. Finally, if there are any buds, these need to be removed. Prune the plant until the top is a similar size to the root system — don't worry, this will help it grow back strong.

If you have any questions about planting bare rooted trees and shrubs, our experienced horticulturalists provide tips and advice.

How are bare root plants propagated?

Bare root trees are grown in open soil rather than in a greenhouse or containers. It takes around two years for the plants to grow from seed. Horticulturalists and nursery staff bud, graft, and shape the growing plant, ready for transportation and replanting.

Gardening advice — planting the seeds of knowledge

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