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Ornamental Pear Pyrus Betulaefolia 'Southworth Dancer' - Bag 150 Litre 2015 (Flemings) NO FURTHER DISCOUNT


Description: Pyrus betulaefolia 'Southworth' Dancer™

Family: Rosaceae.
Landscape value: This attractive flowering ornamental pear selection has fine birch-like leaves that ‘dance’ in the slightest breeze. An excellent choice of small growing foliage tree for parks, gardens and streetscapes.
Height: 7 metre(s)
Width: 5 metre(s)
Growth rate: Moderate.
Habit: Ovate to broadly pyramidal, with a well formed crown.
Foliage: New growth emerges as silvery-grey, and soon matures to a shining mid-green with a finely serrate margin. Leaves have longish petioles and hang on slender branchlets. Yellow in autumn.
Flowers: Numerous white flowers with bright purplish-red stamens are produced in groups of eight to ten. Observed to bloom later than most other ornamental pears in some regions of Australia.
Fruit: Russet coloured globose fruits. Inedible.
Tolerances: Adaptable to a wide range of site conditions including quite dry conditions, slightly alkaline soils and air pollution. Able to handle intermittently wet, heavy soils.

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