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Syzygium Australe Elite - 140mm


Description: Elite is an exceptional form of Syzygium australe. This lilly pilly is a striking feature all year round, boasting glossy, burgundy red, new growth and a profusion of white, bird attracting, blooms in spring.

Syzygium Elite has a dense habit which makes it an ideal clipped hedge or screen plant. Regular clipping promotes lush, glossy, burgundy re, new growth and maintains a compact habit. Left unclipped Elite can grow to a height of 3m.

Elite is best planted in moist, well drained soil in a sunny position with a good mulch layer. Able to tolerate dry and harsh soil conditions. Elite is suitable as a container plant for patios and courtyards, and makes for a fantastic, hardy, garden, native shrub specimen. If planting into a container use potting mix. Apply slow release fertiliser in Spring

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