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LSA Turf Maintenance Pack - Large


Description: Our Maintenance Pack is the ideal combination for year round care of your lawn.

When Lawn Solutions Fertiliser, Lawn Rescue and Lawn Soaker are used in conjunction with each other they will ensure a healthy lawn year round, not only making your lawn look amazing but reducing the incidence of pests, disease and the effects of the hot weather.

Spread the granular Lawn Solutions Fertiliser every 3 months during Spring, Summer & Autumn (except Winter). This fast acting slow release fertiliser contains all the essential nutrients & trace elements required to keep your lawn looking fantastic.

Using Lawn Rescue is just like a vitamin boost. Used in between applications of granular fertiliser, it contains the perfect blend of seaweed extracts and wetting agents. Lawn Rescue promotes continual growth of root formation.

Lawn Soaker is the perfect product to assist in drought proofing your lawn. Used every 3-6 months, in the warmer weather, this wetting agent is specifically designed for lawns to improve water penetration to allow water and nutrients to reach deeper into the root zone thus going along way to prevent hydrophobic soil (soil that repels water).

Lawn Solutions Fertiliser Premium Lawn Food covers 500m2
Both Lawn Launcher & Lawn Rescue cover 150m2 each (keep any excess to use at next fertlising)

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